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Note: I sell all bullets & sabots in quantities of 10 with no price markup.  Sometimes it's tough to find out exactly what your smokeless mz likes to shoot, and I hope this will help people find the right load without breaking the bank!  Click here for SAMPLE Packs.

Call to reserve your Pac-Nor Barrel!!!
Pac-Nor Savage Large Shank Barrels in-stock 7/29/14


New Arrivals!! 
Clearance Items

The new .458" Arrowhead Performance Bullets Have Arrived!   They are perfect for full-form sizing in 45 cal guns and also perform well in 50 cal guns when paired with a Harvester Black Crush Rib Sabot. Click here for more info.

ASG124-ASG LLC .458 310gr Arrowhead Performance (50 pack) --$107.5-- Quantity:      
Now carrying Rocky Mountain Bullets .416 CAL MH Flat Base Bullets
ASG128- RMB .416 325GR MH Flat Base (50 pack) --$107.5-- Quantity:      
ASG129- RMB .416 350GR MH Flat Base (50 pack) --$107.5-- Quantity:      

From left to right: 310gr ASG LLC High BC, 325gr Hornady FTX, 300gr Barnes Original

New Arrivals and Specials

ASG048_100-40 cal 200gr SST 100 pack--$60-- Quantity:      

ASG130 - Jewell HVRTSBRA Rem 700 RH Top Safety & Release--$220-- Quantity:      

ASG125 - Lyman Alox Bullet Lube (lube for sizing bullets) -- $7--

Now offering the option of having a Muscle Brake installed on builds!  These really tame the big boomers! Call for details.
Muscle Brake

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