Remington 700ML Conversions

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While not extremely challenging, the 700ML conversion is more involved than the Savage 10ML-II 50 cal to 45 cal barrel swap.  While it is possible for a DIY to do one fairly easily, if you're only doing one, the cost of tools to do it right may not make it worth it.   

What Materials Do You Need? 


Q: How do I do the conversion?
A: See below.
Q: Can I use the the factory 700ML stock?
A: Yes, but.... A lot of material will need to be sanded away to get the barrel to fit.  The factory stock can also be bedded, but for the time and effort and the realistically achievable end result, your resources may be better off buying a B&C, Hogue or other replacement stock.  

How to Do the Conversion

As I previously mentioned, if you're just doing one conversion.  It's probably not worth buying the tools or the effort.  I will do the complete conversion for $100.   This is really the best way to go as we set headpsace exactly on the conversions we do in house. 

 If you want more than the basic conversion work (bedding, etc) I can work with you on that too.  

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