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Note: I sell all bullets & sabots in quantities of 10 with no price markup.  Sometimes it's tough to find out exactly what your smokeless mz likes to shoot, and I hope this will help people find the right load without breaking the bank!  Click here for SAMPLE Packs.

Free Arrowehad Sporting Goods LLC target with any order.   Limit 20.   Labels are 4"x6" with sticky backing--so just peel and stick.   Circle is 2.25" above center aim point which yields an approximate 200 yard zero with typical smokeless MZ loads.

asg target

ASG LLC Target $0.0 (limit 20)

The new .458" Arrowhead Performance Bullets Have Arrived!   They are perfect for full-form sizing in 45 cal guns and also perform well in 50 cal guns when paired with a Harvester Black Crush Rib Sabot. Click here for more info.

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